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Underwater Lights

Sea-glow manufacturing delivers MADE IN AMERICA hi-quality super bright 12 volt LED underwater lights that will make your night-time fishing experience simply glowing. With our effective design, that can be deployed via a boat or dock, you can guarantee a night of attracted fish. The perfect fisherman's friend, has been proven to deliver performance like a sturdy German design.

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Sea Glow Underwater Light

Quick and Easy Setup

Determine how far off the bottom you want your light. Adjust anchor clip accordingly. Insure anchor clip is as close to the anchor as possible to prevent slippage. Launch anchor and light with desired amount of electrical cord. Plug the power converter cord into power converter. Then plug electrical cord into power converter lead. Ensure everything is secured with clamps and ties (not provided).

Sea Glow Light

SEA-GLOW MANUFACTURING underwater fish light, if properly cared for, should give you many years of service. Each underwater fish Light is constructed of 2 meters of super bright LED. Each one meter strip of underwater fish lights consist of 60 LED 5050 diodes with an output of over 1000 lumens per meter. That's 120 super bright LED's producing over 2000 lumens for each underwater fish light. Each Light is housed in a clear PVC tube. It's extremely tough. Super bright LED underwater fish light operates on 12 volts DC, which is more economical and safer than our competitors higher voltage underwater fish light. Each underwater Fish Light will operate on 28.8 watts.